Sunday, April 27, 2014

If God rode pillion...

What would He hear
What would He learn
Where would He go
What would He see
Would He feel in safe hands
If He traveled with me

When I'm alone, do I work just as hard, what do I think, where do I go
When I'm alone am I more or less spiritual or just more or less the same
Do I believe in the dark what I saw in the light
Do I still sing His praise when nobodies listening
Do I wake with a smile at the first light of dawn

Live for today
Love for life
Laugh till it hurts
Lift up the broken
Lessen the pain

He's still behind me...

Monday, April 21, 2014

A new direction...

In the light of Mr Cameron's inaccurate comments on the UK being a 'christian' country, which we so patently are not, now would be the moment to disband the Church of England, burn the robes and hats, convert church buildings to homes for the needy, sell the billions of pounds worth of ancillary property, give the proceeds to the poor and needy and get back to lives of faith in cheap warehouse buildings where we can be of help to the community at less cost.

This could be the church's finest hour and give direction by example to the rest of this troubled world...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hope or Hoax...

At todays Easter sunrise service there was no sunrise, just leaden heavy rain and clouds, a lifeless sky and almost tangible gloom. In fact there was no evidence that the sun ever existed yet strangely millions of people believe it does, vainly clinging to rapidly fading memory of better, warmer days. Where is their evidence, where is the proof of such nonsense, the grey pervades, smothering all hope, how can millions cling to the wreckage of such inevident myth. Still they buy barbeques, sun loungers and parasols in the vain hope of its return. One couldn't make this up! 

Not everything is as it seems...

Romans 1:20

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fair winds...

It occurs to me that the noise of a crowd can be the saddest sound heard
The jostling of friends can lead to the lonliest place
A wealth of smiles can leave one empty
A pocket full of wealth can turn to poverty

What is it that leaves us so isolated
So drawn to the light as to be blinded
So hurt as to be crippled in a room full of remedy
So lost as to be found wanting, reaching for safety and fair winds...

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Innocent

After all is said and done, the innocent will suffer, as they live in fear and shadow of a rich psychotic nutter.
The poll was clearly counted in the favour of the man, who has killed and maimed for decades whilst outworking his great plan.
Let the children choose their leaders, let’s give Batman half a chance, let’s let Aslan lead the party, while the children learn to dance.

On the graves of all those leaders that support the bombing stance…