Friday, January 2, 2015

Dear Everett...

Dear Reverend Everett Swanson. We’re at the start of another year and as the founder of Compassion International I thought you might appreciate an update on how the children’s work is going. You’re probably not fully aware of just what you started down here in 1952 but it’s turning into something I think you would be very proud of… in a humble sort of way! Because of your vision, we now have around one point three million children that woke up at Christmas with hearts full of hope and dreams. There’s food on the table, clothes on their backs, the ability to go to school and learn to be fully functioning members of their community, all because you first thought to help a few street kids. To top it all each kid got a present and knows that it comes with love from people all over the world (we are in twenty-six countries now would you believe) and that they are being prayed for. Gates are being unlocked in so many situations as people catch your vision; lives are changing everywhere! You’ll be staggered to know that South Korea, where your dream was born are now sending out amazing young men and woman to advocate for the cause, talk about love going full circle! We have accomplished young men and woman who started on the scrapheap of life who are now nurses, engineers, social workers, doctors, accountants, lawyers, and of all things politicians, wonderful people bringing truth and integrity back into their communities. 

I know I speak for many when I thank you for hearing the call on your life and for not having given up in the face of overwhelming numbers. Rest in the knowledge that we will continue in this work fighting to prevent poverty to the best of our ability!

Thanks again for your vision, yours, Martyn

Happy New Year

Victor Hugo, Guernsey, 1862
Such an inaccurate statement, bombings, wholesale slaughter, the enforced uprooting of millions of innocent people, the deliberate face palming of governments towards the needy. The daily world expenditure on weapons is capable of resolving third world health, food & trade inequalities. Gross misuse of limited natural world resources, the dumping of one-third of all food purchased in the western societies. The wealth of singular individuals being equal to entire countries financial worth, unaccountable epidemic ministerial corruption, obscene bonuses paid to the very people who destroyed our dreams and pensions, worldwide homelessness figures off the scale, food banks at breaking point, endemic employment insecurity. Unparalleled fear of what lies ahead this year.

Happy New Year...

I don't think so; atheist, agnostic or Christian, we need an outpouring of hope and grace, we need a future where children are free to live, unfettered from the threat of drugs, trafficking, physiological or sexual abuse. We need redemption, a return to the morals of our forefathers despite all their faults. We need the heart restored in our communities.

It starts with us; Happy New year...

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Landlord...

Well, what a night.  It all started with this young couple turning up last night around late evening.  She was exhausted!  Heavily pregnant and they where out on the road, I felt dreadful turning them away but there’s a limit to how many you can squeeze in, doesn’t look as though they’ve got much cash anyway.  In the end we let them stop in the cowshed, if they’re that broke they’ll have to put up with it, trouble is I had to put the cows out at three this morning, really odd, never seen a night like it, there was an unearthly glow in the sky, I reckon those Romans have torched another town near by, that’ll be the third lately, they’re after those Zealots.   I'll be glad when they’ve got the lot of them, always on about the end of the world and a coming king, as if we don’t have enough trouble as it is! 

I'm going to have to cut back on the drink, that’s the trouble with running a tavern, the drinks free so it gets abused, but last night topped it all.  We had a right shindig what with all these guys up for census, its great for business, but I must have had enough!  I was out early and looking at the sky, it was weird, sort of active, I can't put it any other way really, you know how you get cloud formations that look like your mates dog for five minutes, well it was a bit like that.  I would have sworn I saw people moving in the sky, serious, I knew you’d laugh but I was there, you know you get times when you see clearer out of the corner of your eye than when you look straight ahead?  It was just like that, and the racket, someone’s got to sort these parties; they’ve been building up for a few weeks now, like their waiting for something.  As a publican I'm used to good times, that’s what brings the money in, but this seems over the top and no one will own up to throwing them, and what’s more I never get invited!   Very annoying, whoever they are they’ve got one serious band, the brass section is amazing, never heard anything like it round here! 

It’s going to be one of those days; while I was putting the cattle out there was a bunch of shepherds turned up.   I mean, it’s 3.30 am for Herods sake!  Could they come in, get a life I said.  They seemed really spooked about what they’d seen, reckon its those mushrooms they eat, anyway it all started getting a bit aggressive when I told them to sling their hook because we weren’t open yet, I told them that if they were that desperate they could join the two in the cowshed.  Beggar me if the missus doesn’t take pity and bring out a mug of ale, course that’s it then, party time!  Anyway she then takes them into the cowshed and stone me if the young woman hasn’t only had a baby overnight!   I could get in serious trouble over this if anything had gone wrong, could have damaged my reputation what with turning away someone pregnant, but what can a feller do, there’s only so much room!  Nice looking kid though, weird really, born in a manger, he's lucky he didn’t get killed with all those animals around, and the smell. There's something reassuring about a birth, like there’s hope for the future, not that this one's going to come to much dining out on his birth story!  Makes you wonder, another olive skinned, big nosed boy, what’s the world going to be like by the time he’s thirty or so?   There seem so many people now, all the quiet little villages are bustling now, I reckon we’re heading for a showdown one of these years!  The shepherds reckon he’s real special, shame about the name though, so common, they say last night was real odd too, lights in the sky and music, one even reckons he saw God, the idiot!  Too much ale more likely!  Half the pubs up looking at this kid now and it’s still only early; still their all going to need feeding in a minute!  We could do with a few more kids like this!  Well, this headache’s getting worse, its like trumpets up close in your head, never again, this won’t happen ever again, what the, whose had the retched straw now…

Sunday, April 27, 2014

If God rode pillion...

What would He hear
What would He learn
Where would He go
What would He see
Would He feel in safe hands
If He traveled with me

When I'm alone, do I work just as hard, what do I think, where do I go
When I'm alone am I more or less spiritual or just more or less the same
Do I believe in the dark what I saw in the light
Do I still sing His praise when nobodies listening
Do I wake with a smile at the first light of dawn

Live for today
Love for life
Laugh till it hurts
Lift up the broken
Lessen the pain

He's still behind me...